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(Dads Of Great Students)
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WatchDOGS is a Dads program (Dads Of Great Students) designed to support the school by incorporating Dads into the school.  WatchDOGS not only serve to help provide safety and security to the school but to also interact with students at all grade levels.  WatchDOGS is a program offered to schools through the NationalCenter for Fathering (
Welcome to WatchDOGSFME.COM
How to become a WatchDOG
1) Fill out the Registration Form and return it to school.
2) Complete the School Background check.
3) Order a WatchDOG Uniform/shirt and return order to school.     (Kids like to wear on also on their dads watchdog day)
4) Check with the school for the background check to be active.    (Usually takes 2-3 weeks)
5) Request a WatchDOG day by emailing
6) Watchdog Coordinator will confirm day with school and email     you back a confirmation.
(And place you on the WatchDOG calendar)
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